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 Today, I found this phrase from the preface of 'Flybook' written by Gerald Rubin (who is director of HHMI Janelia Research Institute).


We make a point of supplying any individual or group of individuals with any material in stock, not only material that has been studied by ourselves but also material as yet unpublished if it can be utilized. The method of locking up your stuff until you have published about it, or of keeping secret your ideas and progress has never appealed to me personally, and I think as a simple matter of policy that such a procedure is as injurious to the student as it is to the progress of science, which we profess to have most at heart (Kohler 1994, p. 134).  

Kohler's book 'The Lord of Fly' is great book I ever read for the history of fruit fly genetics. As Rubin described, sharing and open communication is very unique feature of fruit fly research. I hope we don't lose it. 



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