Science for the People

 Merging Science and Society via the Investigation of Sociality.

"Science for the People means recognizing the political nature of science;  it means access for all people to useful human knowledge;  it means the organizing of women and men in science to struggle along with other communities aimed at fundamental social change.

We are Science for the People.

We are scientists, engineers, students, teachers, technicians, and many others brought together by the common experience of frustration in our attempts to be socially productive human beings.  We see the dehumanization and alienation of people as part of a social order of exploitation, racism, sexism and war.  We seek to uncover the roots of the diseased social and economic order which fragments work and our lives.  But our purpose is not merely to understand this system: it is to change it." 

SCIENCE for the PEOPLE [a brochure produced by the Boston group, about 1975]

In KIM Lab..

 Science is performed by people not by nature. If we don't care people, there will be no science at all.

This book will help you to make a balance between scientific activities and social ones. Science isn;t and never had been separated from the society. We are all public.